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The Pineapple Significance

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The Pineapple Significance

So, what’s the deal about all the pineapple references? I figure it’s only fair to explain, because I find it kinda funny. It’s one of the urban legends that exists to identify swingers from non-swingers. There are actually a few of these legends I found online. The one I gravitate to is of course, the pineapple. Apparently, if you’re a swinger you’re supposed to put an upside down pineapple in your shopping cart at the grocery store to identify yourself. (and maybe pick up another hot couple? I have no clue…never seen this happen lol) Also, you can decorate your mailbox with pineapples to indicate your lifestyle preference. Another good one is white rocks outside your house near the front door (Watch out! Better tell grandma to be careful of the rocks she puts in her landscaping out front! LOL)

There are quite a few suggestions online about these symbols and others, but here’s the deal, if your friends are swingers, they won’t tell you unless they think you can handle it. Most of us are very discreet, because, really….what we do in our bedrooms and with whom is our own business. We don’t want to risk being outed at our jobs, churches, social circles or anywhere else that might feel like we would be judged. This is the reason I use a pseudonym – yes, there are quite a few of my close friends who know and some coworkers, but fully outing myself is my choice. There are still family members who may not take kindly to it and I really don’t want to make it their business. What they don’t know, won’t hurt them. 😉

So, Boots, why write about this at all? Well, the answer is simple,I think I have a unique view on things and can maybe help others as they navigate through their own sexuality and finding themselves. The experiences I’ve had so far have opened my eyes to deeper things than just hooking up with some hot people. The way that people interact with each other is really intriguing to me and makes me take a closer look at the way that I interact with others – both in and out of the lifestyle.

I hope to post more often and with better frequency. Please forgive me that I haven’t. It is a difficult thing sometimes to get my thoughts out on paper and feel like maybe people don’t want to hear what I say – one of the things I’m working through. Thank you for reading so far and hope to bring you some new material soon!