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Casting Off Doubt

Anxiety rides high as we approach the location of our first party. It’s at a private residence, my friend Ted, who invited us, assures me that it’s low-key, no judgement and just a bunch of adults having a good time. I’ve run through all the “what ifs” in my head, and I’m ready, well as ready as anyone is thinking about a party where the sole purpose is to hook up with someone other than your partner…… My bathing suit is on, tastefully covered by a pair of cute shorts and a low-cut, sleeveless top. No way I was walking into this thing showing off what I feel is a collection of lumps, bumps and ugly stretch marks.

We pull in, and are greeted by the “security,” he has a clipboard and asks us for our online handle. We don’t have one yet, but he has our names. He tells us where to park and lets us through. The sun is shining, we can hear the music pumping out of the pool area and a good crowd has already gathered even though it’s fairly early in the day (6PM). We gather our cooler, towels and sunglasses and walk to the gate. Upon entering the pool area, we are greeted by two beautiful topless ladies, laughing and giggling and welcoming people who are entering. We fill out paperwork and whatnot, it’s normal procedure (liability forms to make sure we won’t sue the hosts if we get hurt running around the pool). I’m so nervous, I can hardly write our names on the form. We get asked about payment, our friend Ted had offered to cover our initial attendance.

I nervously squeak out, “Well, um…Ted, he, uh…said that he was covering us?”

The one woman looks at me and says, “Oh, gotcha…well, I’ll get it out of him then. One way or another.” She gave me a smile and a wink. I flush hot red and look away. I know what she means….. After a bit more uncomfortable banter, and we are free to find a place to sit.

Shades and I find a couple of lounge chairs against the back wall of the fenced in pool area. Perfect for viewing all the comings and goings of the attendees. I just want to sit, I’m dying for a smoke and a beer…. We set our things down, he finds a spot for our cooler, hands me a beer and we sit, silently taking in the scene in front of us.

Shades and I are huge people watchers, it’s one of our favorite activities together. I text Ted to let him know we have arrived as I do not see him anywhere in the clusters of people. The pool is full of people cooling off from the heat of the day, there is an unoccupied hot tub near the entrance of the house. Bodies, everywhere….. I am amazed at how comfortable everyone seems in their own skin. There is every body type, most still in bathing suits, some already comfortable enough to be almost or fully naked. Such an amazing conglomeration of human flesh.

More people file through, as people see others they know hugs and kisses are exchanged. Everyone seems so friendly and welcoming. A few people walk by us and say hello, smiling at us. Ted finally appears, tall and slim, he is wearing a near see-through pair of red swim shorts. I blush slightly as he sits on the lounge chair with me, welcoming us and asking what we think so far. He encourages us to take a tour, get a better lay of the land and not be sticks in the mud and sit in one place all night.


As if on queue, the “security” guy who greeted us at the entrance makes an announcement that someone is doing a tour shortly and to come to the doorway of the house to begin. Shades and I make our way over, looking around and I realize just how crowded the place has become. A naked woman greets us at the doorway, she’s very friendly and asks if it’s our first time, we both nod. She introduces herself as Andrea. She is bubbly and friendly, grabs my arm and away we go.

The tour is quick, we are shown a small play room with a makeshift “glory hole” made of sheets hung on pvc pipe and a sex swing apparatus. Then into the main house, the kitchen is just a kitchen, nothing to see here. Moving on, she takes us to the living room, the sectional couch has been covered with sheets and two air mattresses take up space on the floor. They are empty for the time being, but my mind races to think of the things that will probably occur there later in the evening. She shows us where the bathroom is and notifies us (along with a kid gate and a sign), that no one is allowed upstairs and it is strictly off limits.

And so ends the tour, we retreat back to our chairs at the back of the pool and resume people watching. Shades checks in to see how I feel about things, my general feeling is that of being overwhelmed, but strangely comfortable at the same time.


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