My name is Boots….. yeah, that’s not my real name – but it fits…for now. For the outside observer, my life is pretty normal, I go to work, I spend time with my family, I have hobbies and friends who I spend time with. I’m just like anyone out there for all intents and purposes. Yet, one of my hobbies is one that not many explore and most would be surprised to know about me.

While I’m not a huge fan of labels, (really, the only label I like having is “Mom”), I guess for the purposes of this blog, I must give myself the label of swinger. This facet of my life is a new adventure for me. I created this blog to express myself, my thoughts and analyze the things I see, hear and experience. My husband, Shades (nope, not his real name either….) says I overthink and over analyze everything, but it’s cathartic to me, it helps me make sense of my life and where I fit in this big, crazy world. And at the heart of it all, I’m a writer, so I will use this place to do just that, write.

Here you will find my personal essays, erotic short stories and maybe a few pics now and then. All names and locations will be kept anonymous, I’m not willing to share who I am to the world, nor will I deliberately “out” anyone who doesn’t wish to be outed. I hope to grow this blog into an opportunity for others to be able to share by guest blogging their experiences or stories, be it an alternative lifestyle or a traditional one – all are welcomed here. Please feel free to share any of my content if you find it interesting or that it speaks to you in a way that you would like to share.

Feel free to find me on Facebook and like my page to keep up with things going on and see new posts published.

I respectfully request that if you do know who I am in real life, that you not out me. I will do that on my own time, if I so choose. And as with anything, treat others as you would be treated, negative comments will not be approved. I want this to be an open and welcoming place for people of all walks of life to learn, understand and perhaps share.


Welcome to The Diary of Boots! I hope you enjoy your stay!!